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Author Topic: |FA| Soldat Server Guidelines  (Read 3965 times)


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|FA| Soldat Server Guidelines
« on: October 22, 2013, 11:44:14 pm »


1. Racist/sexist/abusive comments or names could result in that person being KICKED or BANNED. If you are asked to change an offensive name, please do so. If you refuse, then the |FA| servers are not for you.

2. Joining the Zombie team will result in that player being auto-kicked, if the person then rejoins the server and continues to join the Zombie team, the person will then be BANNED.

3. ANY attempt to login as Admin will result in a PERMANENT BAN that will not be lifted.

4. ANY impersonation of a clan member or admin will result in a PERMANENT BAN.

5. ANY use of the |FA| tag in your name if you are not a clan member may result in a PERMANENT BAN.

6. Recruiting or constant advertising of any other clan or server on any |FA| servers is STRICTLY prohibited and may result in a ban.

7. Using hacks or any form of cheating (ie: aimbots, exploiting bugs) will result in a PERMANENT BAN.

8. Attempting to circumvent any ban will result in a PERMANENT and more comprehensive ban.

9. Rude, disruptive and/or obnoxious players WILL BE REMOVED from the servers (at admin discretion). This IS a game and game play should be fun for everyone.

10. Don’t be a douche!

All decisions on banning and kicking, and interpretation of guidelines, are subject to the |FA| Admin's/|FA| Server Moderators' discretion at the time of the incident.

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