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Author Topic: |FA| Urban Terror Server Guidelines  (Read 5795 times)


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|FA| Urban Terror Server Guidelines
« on: October 22, 2013, 11:37:47 pm »


1. Racist/sexist/abusive comments or names could result in that person being KICKED or BANNED. If you are asked to change an offensive name, please do so. If you refuse, then the |FA| servers are not for you.

2. ALL |FA| servers are Noob friendly. Please DO NOT bully someone into leaving the game just because they are new. You may find yourself being kicked instead. Everyone who plays was once new. Please help them learn and have some patience with them.

3. ANY attempt to use rcon will result in a PERMANENT BAN that will not be lifted.

4. ANY impersonation of a clan member or admin will result in a PERMANENT BAN.

5. ANY use of the |FA| tag in your name if you are not a clan member may result in a PERMANENT BAN.

6. Recruiting or constant advertising of any other clan or server on any |FA| servers is STRICTLY prohibited and may result in a ban.

7. Using hacks or any form of cheating (ie: aimbots, wall hacks, exploiting bugs) will result in a PERMANENT BAN.

8. Any unnecessary/on purpose Teamkilling will result in being kicked or banned. The decisions on purpose repeat Teamkilling behaviour will be discussed by the Admin and Server Moderators and a time frame of banning will be decided and enforced by them.

9. Spawn camping/killing is STRICTLY prohibited. Repeat offenders WILL be kicked or banned at the discretion of the Admin/Moderators.

10. Attempting to circumvent any ban will result in a PERMANENT and more comprehensive ban.

11. Flooding of any type is STRICTLY prohibited. This includes bind spamming (public, private, and team). Violation of this rule may result in a player being muted.

12. Rude, disruptive and/or obnoxious players WILL BE REMOVED from the servers (at admin discretion). This IS a game and game play should be fun for everyone.

13. Don’t be a douche!

All decisions on banning and kicking, and interpretation of guidelines, are subject to the |FA| Admin's/|FA| Server Moderators' discretion at the time of the incident.

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